Friday, 9 July 2010

No way out...

Okay, I'm really stuck here. And then I mean, really. I started reading Labyrinth about *checking GR* the beginning of April. That is now three months ago. Three. Friggin'. Months. I have never been ploughing through a book this slowly. It's not like swimming through the current, it's like trying to swim up the Niagra Falls. And people, in case you didn't notice yet, that is not possible.

About a week ago I started skipping. It's like a horrible deadline you just know you're not gonna make. I feel like that Greek guy that's stuck in Hades trying to get this big boulder up a hill, and when he's almost there it just rolls down again. Every time I open Labyrinth, I start reading and think "hey, this isn't that bad". Then I continue and my mind starts to wander and thoughts like "I should be doing the dishes at this moment" come up. I suppress them, shake my head, and continue. Then my thoughts start to go like "doing the dishes may be more useful". After a while of a lot of description I honestly don't give a shit about, I decide that doing the dishes is actually more fun and rewarding than reading Kate Mosse's fat book of torture. Discovering that I have only read a single chapter. That's about five pages. Five pages people. And at the moment I'm at page 308. That's so many hours of me trying to push through this book.

But it has me beaten. This Labyrinth just doesn't have a hidden treasure. I seriously give up. I will keep my bookmark inside of it and put it on a high shelf in the corner of the room so I won't be reminded of this failure. I never give up reading, I never stop until I have finished it (except LoTR, but that's because of it's incredible length). I made it though It's descriptions, I have made my way though countless fantasy tomes. But Labyrinth finally got to me. Good job Kate.


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