Saturday, 20 November 2010

The Magical Never-Empty TBR Pile

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the size of your TBR-pile? Do your shelves bend under the massive weight? Do you keep adding and adding more books, while everyone tells you you really don't need more? If the answer to these questions is yes, then I'm sorry, but you are a true book addict.

And I am happy to be one of them!

Last week I ran out of shelve space. I just can't squish more books in, not even a tiny paperback. So now they are spreading more and more about the house, they're everywhere! They're piling up at my night stand, next to my bed, on the ground...

And the worst thing is, there are dozens or more books that were privileged enough to earn a spot on my nice shelves, that are crying for me to read them! I try to limit myself to having a maximum of 50 unread books. When everything that I have ordered last week comes in, I'll be at 52. And that's just physical books. Don't even get me started on digital ones.

But true addicts can't help themselves! Especially the well-connected ones. There are so many great book blog out there that talk about great books, that host even better giveaways, that keep feeding our addiction.

There just aren't enough hours in the day to keep up with everything that's going on. Just now, I have about five books that are all screaming for my attention, but I can't even choose which one to read first. Usually I end up with trying to read them all at once, but then you never seem to finish one of them.

Is there a cure? Is there a way for us to learn to control ourselves? Will we ever run out of books to read?

Hi everyone, my name is Celine, and I'm a book addict.


Jessica Armenta said...

Oh my gosh I know what you mean! I only have one bookshelf in our apartment but it was filled with books. I say was because I had to pack them up because we are moving...the book boxes are so heavy from all of them! I feel bad that my husband has to move them ;p
But he does encourage my obsession, so it is partially his fault.

Sniffly Kitty said...

O man, I posted about this problem last week. It's gotten really bad especially after I joined Goodreads. I've long since run out of shelf space and have started encroaching on the shelf space of other people in the house...

Sniffly Kitty
Sniffly Kitty's Mostly Books

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