Friday, 3 December 2010

Follow Friday #6

 Hosted by Parajunkee
This week's feature: Hafsah @ Icey books

Weekly Question:

What do you do besides reading / reviewing as a hobby?

My other hobby that takes a lot of my time is music. I spent a great part of the day listening to songs, looking for new bands, and playing the piano.

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Ivy said...

I like to listen to music as well. :) I think that's great you know how to play the piano. I don't. :\

Howard Sherman said...

I love it! A question pertaining something other than books! Here's the
short list of what I'm doing when I'm not reading:

Cooking, gaming, gambling, drinking, smoking, golfing and sometimes even
watching TV.

I expound on all of the above at my blog. Follow me here -

Howard Sherman

Sugarbeat said...

Hi There!
I'm an old follower stopping by to say hi! Hope you have a good weekend!

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