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I have always loved reading, but never consequently did something with my hobby. One day, when looking for some new books to read, I stumbled upon the site Goodreads. I joined in, and immediately became the bookaholic I secretly have always been.

Nyx Book Reviews is a place where I post my reviews, participate in challenges and other fun book happenings. My goal is to post almost every day, and have at least one extensive review up every week. I try to both talk about popular as relatively unknown books, and keep some diversity in the kind of books I read.

I absolutely adore feedback, so feel free to contact me or leave a comment. I do sometimes forget to get back at you, but I read everything and know that it's always appreciated! (:

If you would like me to review a book, you can contact me at nyxbookreviews@gmail.com. I accept both ebooks and* physical copies. Please do note that I might not be interested in every book, but feel free to send a request.

All my reviews are my honest opinions and my opinions only. They are not influenced through the way I have acquired the book or the view of other reviewers. I never write purely negative reviews, but always try to point out the good in the book, resulting in a balanced review.

Mind you, I live in the Netherlands. All review copies will have to be shipped there.

Note: English is not my mother tongue. If you notice any repetitive spelling or grammatical errors, point them out to me. That way I can improve my English (:

* 6 November: As of now, I am not accepting ebooks from self-published authors any more. I have so many to be read ebooks that it would be unfair to accept more, because I might not come to yours at all. Physical copies tend to get read a lot quicker. I am sorry for the inconvenience; I hope to go back to accepting ebooks again soon.


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