Books I Love

General Information etc.
Nyx Book Reviews is the host of a new weekly feature on the blog called “Books I Love” posted on Thursdays.  Every week the post will feature a different blogger, talking about his or her favourite genre of books.

-          The post should at least have a word count of 250 words. Make sure you actually have something to tell us.
-          You can do your post in whatever style you like. Just make sure you stick to your topic, and answer the following question: “What genre of books do you like best, and why?”
-          Talking about a specific book you loved is great, but make sure your post isn’t just a review.
-          Offensive content is not appreciated. When talking about sexual interactions, please do not get into detail. Nyx Book Reviews is not an 18+ only blog.
-          Nyx Book Reviews has every right to reject your content. However, you will always be notified of this including an explanation.
-          Try to send your guest post to 3-5 days prior to your post date. If we haven’t heard from you a day before you’re up, we might decide to give your spot to someone else.
-          All of your questions or comments are welcome.