Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Christmas Wishlist

Christmas is coming up again, there already snow everywhere (here in the Netherlands at least) and that means it's almost present-time! Relatives feel bad that they keep buying me books every single year, 'cause they think it must be a very boring gift. But, as I do not agree, here are some books that are on this year's wishlist!

 I really hope I will get these two, that will make my Sword of Truth series complete, finally!

I know it's horrible, but I still haven't read this book. I'm so behind..

 I have read the first part in Abercrombie's series this summer, and I loved it. He writes this kind of dark fantasy with a sense of humour I adore. 

Heard so many great things about this book, can't wait to see for myself

Just a short selection of what I'm hoping to get.
And you, what do you have on your wishlist?


Elysium said...

Haven't read Sword of Truth books but loved Legend of the Seeker. I wanna try these someday... Haven't read Shiver either yet. I'm so behind with things.

Made my own Christmas book shopping and ordered: The Lady Queen by Nancy Goldstone, The Furst Princess of Wales by Karen Harper, Treason by Meredith Whitford and The Crown in the Heather by N. Gemini Sasson.

Jenny said...

What a fabulous group of books you have there! Clockwork Angel was one of my favorite reads this year, I just love the world she's created:) I haven't read any of the Sword of Truth series though I do watch the show, though I'm sure the books are better, they always are:) Looking forward to your reviews of those!

Celine said...

@ Elysium; I'm now starting with the Legend of the Seeker series, they're quite great, but very very different from the books. You ordered some great historical books (:

@ Jenny; I really can't wait till I get Clockwork Angel, the whole steampunk world is so appealing. I definitely recommend the Sword of Truth series, I haven't seen that much of the show, but I bet that if you like the series you will absolutely love the books (:

Sniffly Kitty said...

If you want to read a good zombie book Thunder and Ashes by Z.A. Recht is pretty good.

Sniffly Kitty
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Celine said...

@ Sniffly Kitty; Thanks, I'll check it out!

The Happy Booker said...

I've been wanting to start Abercrombie's First Law trilogy for a while now. It looks amazing! And don't feel bad, I haven't read Shiver yet either. There seems to be too many more books going on my wishlist faster than what they are getting read!

Celine said...

@ The Happy Booker; The first book, The Blade Itself was amazing, I hope you get to them soon (: I know what you mean! Especially since I've joined sites like Goodreads the books I want to read just keep piling up...

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