Sunday, 24 April 2011

Sunday Stew #4

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Happy Easter everyone! I have no idea why someone would put two fluffy rabbits in fake eggs and make a picture of it, but it looks extremely cute anyway! I so want to cuddle the right one, I mean, he looks like he has a big beard. And that cute little paw... Awwww ♥

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~Enamored Soul~ said...

Awww...those bunnies are ABSOLUTELY adorable! I saw that picture and really wanted to use it. It is ABSOLUTELY adorable! Happy Easter.

Thank you for posting those articles, especially the one about negative reviews. There are just SO many opposing views on that subject. I, for one, have been really lucky, and lately all the books I've picked up have been pretty darn good. I think it is also because I tend to choose what I read very selectively, so I can pretty much tell before hand, which books I may or may not like. But, I dread the day I'll have to do a bad review! :S

Anyhow, thanks for the awesome post!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Easter!

DevouredShannon said...

Happy Easter!!!

Celine said...

@Enarmouredsoul; Thanks! You have been very lucky indeed. For books that I buy I'm really selective too, but once in a while a book doesn't turn out the way you thought it to be. But when the day comes you'll have to write a bad review, I bet you'll make it work (:

@Stephanie & Shannon; Thanks guys!

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