Sunday, 3 April 2011

Sunday Stew #1

Shannon of Books Devoured is doing a new meme on Sunday, and as I don't have anything scheduled on Sunday, why not participate!

Around the Web: I'll be getting a Kindle 3G in a few months, and I'm looking into cases and skins. And I found this awesome site, GelaSkins, where they have super cute skins that aren't that expensive. I absolutely loved this one:

It has like... monsters on it! Anyone bought skins from this site before?

Around Me: I'll be using this to summarize my posts of this week:


DevouredShannon said...

Thanks so much for participating!

I love that skin! I have one on my Kindle too and I love it.

Annette Mills said...

I've heard of gela skins, but I don't know anyone who has bought one. My daughter bought one for her computer from skinit: and has been very happy with it, so that's another place to look. I fully intended to get a skin for my Kindle, but after I got it, I just loved the soft suede-like feel of the back, and didn't want to cover it up!

Celine said...

@Shannon, I hope more people will join next Sunday (:

@Annette, Thanks, I'll check it out! I think that when my Kindle is still shiny and new I won't put a skin on it, but I know that within a few months in my possession it won't look so new and shiny any more, so I'm looking for skins that can protect it from scratches, while still have it looking awesome

Bex said...

Oh, yay for getting a K3! I am in love with mine. It's perfect in every single way.

I've also looked at skins but haven't bought any so far. I have lots of them I would love to dress my K3 in though.

Just wanted to let you know that I adore your blog as well. I'm definitely following! :)

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