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Blog Tour: The Demon Kiss by Lacey Weatherford (Book Excerpt)

Today I would like to welcome back Lacey Weatherford, author of the Witches and Warlocks series! She is sharing a part of her wonderful book, The Demon Kiss, today. This tour is part of The Bookish Snob Promotions. Click the banner to find more blogs participating in this tour!

Chapter 2

The emotions hit me all at once, and suddenly everything was spinning out of control. I took off running down a narrow hallway and into a large shipping area, looking frantically around the enormous room the second I entered it.
There he was, standing across the huge space in front of me, rifling through an old filing cabinet. His back was to me, but I knew his leather and jean clad physique anywhere.
My breath caught, and I could feel my pulse racing in my neck at my reaction to seeing him.
He straightened suddenly, stopping what he was doing. Slowly, he turned to face me with a puzzled look on his face.
Our eyes connected instantly across the room.
“Portia?” he breathed out softly, looking at me in confusion, as if he couldn’t believe what his eyes were showing him.
“Hello, Vance,” I replied, trying to sound calm and collected, but I couldn’t keep the tiny tremor out that crept into my voice.
I couldn’t judge his reaction to tell whether or not he was happy to see me standing there in front of him.
He hesitated for a moment, before he started moving toward me, quickly then, and my heart began pounding hard in my chest.
I matched his pace then, crossing the room toward him, meeting him in the middle, with all sorts of thoughts tumbling in my mind, relief and anger being the foremost ones.
“What are you doing here?” he asked, stopping just short of me, as if he was afraid to touch me, and I saw the uncertainty flash over his face.
“I came to do this,” I said, my emotions threatening to boil over the surface in that very moment.
I swung back and punched him in the jaw as hard as I could.

Official Book Blurb

Can someone else's past come back to bite you?
After being drained of nearly all the blood in her body, novice witch, Portia Mullins, wakes up to find that her warlock boyfriend, Vance Mangum, has fled in search of his demon father. Determined to keep him from facing the evil alone Portia follows after him, unknowingly setting herself on the path of a new adventure that will take her, Vance, and their coven over international borders, into a foreign place where they will discover that the black magic which awaits them is far worse than they ever imagined. Portia finds herself tangled up in a web of lies and deceit in another's quest for demonic power in the excitingly romantic second paranormal novel in the Of Witches and Warlocks Series, The Demon Kiss.

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The Demon Kiss Tour Grand Prize
The Grand Prize winner will receive swag, signed copies of books 1, 2, 3, & 4, AND will be written into an interactive scene with VANCE in book four too! Want extra entries? You can get 1 more entry for every time you comment on the tour, and 5 more entries for every time you send a Tweet or Facebook the link to that day’s blog post. Make sure you keep track of those as you will be asked to submit verification links when you enter the giveaway.
Good Luck! May the “Vance” be with YOU!

Author Bio
Lacey Weatherford has always had a love of books. She wanted to become a writer after reading her first Nancy Drew novel at the age of eight.
When she is not reading, writing, blogging, or doing book tours for her current series, she can often be found out at sporting/musical events which her kids are in or texting like crazy with her best friend.
Lacey resides in the White Mountains of Arizona, where she lives with her husband, six children, one son-in-law, and the family dog Sophie.

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Belinda said...

I LOVE this! Good for you Portia!! Now kiss and make up *giggles* I remember when I read The Demon Kiss last year thinking just how amazing it was and how the tension and emotion seemed to intensify. That's one thing I love about this series.. each book gets better and better, sucking you in until you're completely addicted. Hi, I'm Belinda and I'm a Vanceaholic!

Lacey Weatherford said...

Glad to be back at the awesome Nyx Book Reviews today! Woot! Woot! Thanks a bunch!! :D

@Belinda LOL! Welcome Belinda! ha, ha

Vivien said...

"May the Vance be with you" LMAO

Seriously, I just woke up and that cracked me up. Another lovely excerpt. Please keep them coming. I need to see how this develops.

deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

Lexie said...

mwaha my sister said it was interesting to read about Portia here and at the same time during class reading "Merchant of Venice". She got the two mixed up at one point during discussions and her English teacher was like 'Wait...who's Vance? What version are you reading?' XD

Conor said...

Sounds like an interesting read. I'll make sure to check it out.

Valerie said...

Hi Belinda! Now that you admitted you are a Vanceaholic, what's the next step?

Man, people love to make Matt get punched in the jaw. When I read that part, I instantly pictured him rubbing and fixing his jaw.

Lexie, that is too funny. I've had similar things happen in class, but I never mention it out loud. Vance/Matt has warped our fragile minds! Though thinking of Vance is probably better than listening to a teacher ramble on about something you'll never use again.

Krysykat said...

I love checking out the new tour stop everyday!

Belinda said...

Hahaha I'm not only an admitted Vanceaholic but I'm the President of his fan club! I have a similar "vance" story. I was typing out reports on a client at work. Page after page and towards the end I realized... I'd written Vance's name. I died! That teaches me to have Vance texting marathons while on the clock! LOL

Lacey Weatherford said...

@Vivien LOL..Glad you enjoyed it. I tend to get a little crazy with the play on words occasionally

@Lexie HA! HA! I love it!! Vance has officially made it into a literary classic discussion now!!

@Conor Thanks!! I hope you like it! :D

@Val LOL...I don't think Belinda wants to recover from her addiction!! I'm glad Vance is making such an impression on everyone!

@Krysta Thank you! I enjoy seeing all of your comment too!

Valerie said...

Vanceaholics don't need recovery, but we will need help dealing with our withdrawals when he shuts up.

Lacey Weatherford said...

@Valerie Well, hopefully he'll keep talking in a different in a movie or something!! LOL

Valerie said...

I'm counting on it! With all the books turned movies these days, your's should be made into one or two.

donnas said...

Sounds great. I just heard of it and cant wait to read more.

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Celine said...

It's great having you here again Lacey! (:

I think I will have to join that club Belinda, Vance is so damn addicting!

Aydrea said...

Such an awesome excerpt, so want to read the book right now!

latishajean said...

I loved what I read sounds so good thank you so much for sharing can't wait to read more!

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