Thursday, 19 May 2011

Books I Love: Contemporary Young-Adult

Books I Love is a weekly feature hosted by Nyx Book Reviews where a guest blogger can gush about his or her favourite genre of choice. 
This week's Books I Love guest blogger:

Tracy about Contemporary Young-Adult!

My name is Tracy Marchini, and I love contemporary YA.

There are several reasons that I could give you for my love of contemporary YA – the ability to explore a tough situation that may have affected myself or a friend, the ability to go back to a cooler, most exciting version of high school, or even as a way to vicariously rebel like I wished I could as a teen! But in celebration of my new short story Effie At The Wedding, I thought I’d let my character Effie give us a few words about her love of contemporary YA.

7 Reasons Contemporary YA Is Better Than Being Trapped In A Bathroom Stall

  7.) Contemporary YA novels tend to smell better.
  6.) If I had a contemporary YA novel with me right now, I might be slightly less embarrassed about being trapped in the bathroom stall, because the character would be suffering something far more embarrassing. (It would also distract me from what’s happening in the stall next door. Just because a wedding is open bar, doesn’t mean you have to DRINK THE WHOLE BAR.)
  5.) It can be handy for new playlists. I mean, not that I live under a rock or anything, but I wouldn’t have heard of the Smiths if it wasn’t for David Leviathan.
  4.) Contemporary YA novels don’t have dragons in them. I don’t really like dragons, unless we’re describing my Uncle Leo who occasionally tries to breathe fire at family functions.
  3.) Number four is probably happening AS WE SPEAK, and I’m totally missing it.
  2.) I usually know EXACTLY how the protagonist of a contemporary novel feels. As you can probably guess by my stuck-in-the-bathroom-situation, I am a bit on the clumsy, unpopular and unlucky side. But the protagonists of contemp YA stories tend to win in the end because they are so clumsy and weird. Here’s hoping that I end up on the other side of that line (and the other side of the stall!)
  1.) Okay, okay, ANY book is better than being trapped in a stall. If you can’t get me out, could you please pass a book under the door?

I would like to thank Tracy for her amusing top 7!
(don't forget to leave them a comment and to visit her blog)


Bex said...

LOL, this was fun! Loved number 1, haha. Perfect answer!

Rebecca @ kindle fever

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