Monday, 20 February 2012

Valentine's Day & 250 Followers Giveaway Winner

Wow. I expected you guys to be awesome, but I never would have expected you all to be THIS awesome! In the end the giveaway got a whopping 1601 entries. A big thank you for all the people that have been sharing and tweeting like crazy! I got such a big increase of Twitter followers that I haven't had the time to follow you all back, so if you see me around, say hi and I'll follow you (:

Looks like my 500 followers giveaway isn't that far away any more...

Now, I believe it's time to give people some cool stuff.

The winner of a book of $10 from The Book Depository is...
A Love For Books!

The winner of the Mystery Prize is...

A big congrats to both of you! Thank you all for participating. Reading all of your comments totally made my week. <3


aloveforbooks said...

Yay! Thanks!

Thilde said...

Thank you :)

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