Monday, 6 February 2012

Wicked Winter Readathon: Wrap Up

So yet another readathon has come to an end, although there are already rumors of yet another WW readathon, this one in June.

Even though I didn't participate in this one as much as I would like to (we just got a new dog... about 75% of my time I was too busy petting her), I still had a great time. I only participated in two of your awesome challenges. I would like to thank both of our hosts, Bex (Kindle Fever) & April (My Shelf Confessions) for making the readathon possible. They are both very nice people and have great blogs, go check them out!

In the end I completely went off track from my original reading goals, and decided to pick up Divergent. I managed to finish it yesterday, and it was SO AMAZING. My review of it will be up next week (:

Here's what I read:

And here is what distracted me from reading:

That's not my arm by the way. Her name is Bonnie and she's a one year old mix breed we adopted from a shelter (: She's super sweet, just still a little bit shy.

I hope everyone had a lot of fun this weekend, and we'll meet again in June!


Rebecca (Kindle Fever) said...

She's sooooo cute! Understandable she took some time from the reading, that's for sure. o: But it's okay! She's worth that *nods* Yay, June! :D

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