Sunday, 8 January 2012

In My Mailbox - Christmas Books Edition

It's time for In My Mailbox, a weekly meme by The Story Siren!

This is my first IMM post in the new year, and I will take this opportunity to show off all of the books I got for Christmas! I got a LOT of them this year. I also got accepted for two awesome-looking galleys, so this is going to be a long post!

Click on the covers to go to their Goodreads page.

Christmas Books:
Here's the majority of the books, and a super cute David & Goliath top I got from my boyfriend. Usually I talk a little bit about all of the books I got, but this time I will just list them all (:

Received for review: 

I'm sooo glad I finally got accepted for Scarlet! It's a young-adult retelling of Robin Hood, but with a girl pretending to be a boy in the lead. Plus, I love the haunting cover.

Sorry for the blurry cover, but I just can't seem to find a better one. The blurb for this one sounds interesting. It's a steampunk novel, which makes it instantly attractive for me.

So, that's it for me *wipes sweat from forehead*. What is in your mailbox this week? Leave a comment!


rogier said...

the shiver trilogy is heartfelt
njoy alllooking 4ward 2 your reviewsmy imm

Annette said...

I've heard And then There Were None is the best Christie. I also have really wanted to read the Mira Grant books. I love zombie books. But I can't seem to get to them! Enjoy your books!

Amanda @ On a Book Bender said...

Yay Divergent!  :)

NatFrampton said...

Ooo lots of lovely books ! And then there were none is great! I love shiver too.

Happy reading
In My Mailbox  

Kelsey said...

Awesome selection you got!! I got Rogue as well, but the Kobo version, it's not working at the moment though. :( The Shiver series is really good, as well as the City Bones books. Enjoy!!

Jess @ Gone with the Words said...


AmandaLyn said...

AHHH! Anita Blake! I love her so much! They're awesome. And Cassandra's Clares! You got so many great books. Really want to read Scarlett really bad! Congrats on all your great books!

Come check out my IMM:

April Books & Wine said...

Okay so all those people who got you Christmas presents are awesome. Seriously I see so many great books in your IMM -- like the Shiver books and Divergent and Feed and Zombies vs. Unicorns and SO AWESOME WITH THE AGATHA CHRISTIE! Yeah, your mailbox rocks. Happy reading :-D

Alison said...

Great set! Love the Mortal Instrument books and Shiver!

Hannah said...

Oh ha, I'm leaning on Rogue right now. It arrived this morning :)

Giselle said...

Ooh the Mortal Instruments series!! :D

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