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Blog Tour: Hedgeland by Ann Nyland (Book Excerpt & Giveaway!)

Today I would like to welcome Ann Nyland on my blog! Ann is the writer of the urban fantasy time travel book Hedgeland. She is sharing an excerpt of the book and has been so incredibly kind to give one of her books away for one lucky reader! This blog tour is part of The Bookish Snob Promotions. Click the banner to find more blogs participating in this tour!

Chapter 18. Caridwen.

A thousand thunderclaps all at once. That's what it sounded like, a deafening roar, a wild explosion. The noise was terrifying. I was flung out of bed onto the floor, hard. The wall to my garden fell down; I was at once covered with crystal dust. The floor buckled like a wave was going under it. The air was thick with the noise of people screaming. I struggled to my feet and ran out the door - or where the door had been. Perhaps I ran through the hole in the wall; it was all a blur.
Cian wasn't there. In public Cian and I studiously avoided contact, but every night, Cian did easily scale the wall from Dewi's garden to mine, and he was able to stay most nights. Dewi never said a word to me about Cian, but occasionally winked at me in a conspiratorial fashion. I don't know if the Hierophant ever found out or suspected. The Initiates certainly didn't.
As I ran I tried to reach Cian on my X-Comm. Dead. Adrenaline kicked in and I ran for the Anaktoron. People passed me running the other way. They were screaming and crying. It was early morning, but the sky was black. I coughed in the black ash; it was hard to catch my breath with the dust and the weirdly smelling fumes. Cracks, some narrow, some wider and deeper, opened up in the ground in front of me; I jumped over them all. Some parts of the pavement were higher than others. It was like running on a moving surface; I was running on a moving surface. The ground was buckling, and bucking like a wild horse. Water was bubbling up through the pavement making mini whirlpools. The earth felt alive beneath my feet.

Official Book Blurb

Hedgeland, an urban fantasy of time travel. Dr April Neuland, a Professor of Ancient Languages turned non-fiction writer, has been plagued by dreams all her life, dreams of her past life in the Otherworld. Meanwhile, in a parallel dimension of April's past and Caridwen's future, Worthing, a Future History Professor, has allied with the Military to access Future Internet communications and use new technology to influence April to write an ebook novel revealing where she, in her past life as Caridwen, hid the Kiste, a device to travel through time and space. Hedgeland weaves all three time/space frames: Caridwen, Worthing, and April. Hedgeland is the first in the Hedgecraft Sequence, but is a fully self contained novel with no cliff hangers.

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Author Bio

Author Dr Ann Nyland was on Faculty at the University of New England, Australia. She is a grammar pedant, ancient languages translator, and best selling non-fiction author of such books as The Complete Books of Enoch; Angels, Archangels and Angel Categories: What the Ancients Said; The Book of Jubilees; A Devil of a Job to Find Satan in the Bible, among others. Hedgeland is her first novel.

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