Saturday, 30 June 2012

Vlog: Why We Like Reading Tag

From now on, vlogs will be posted regularly on Saturdays! If you have any comments or suggestions, please do let me know (:

This week's subject is the Why We Like Reading Tag. We all answer thirteen book-related questions. If you're interested in watching more Fanatical About Fiction videos, check out our Youtube channel.


Ellie Warren said...

I don't understand why celebrity memoirs are so popular! I do read some memoirs but only if the person is 1. a good writer and 2. has something interesting to write about and they're not usually super famous people. Also if they're only 22, how can they be writing about their life that hasn't started yet!?

Hannah said...

Some memoirs are okay.. if well written. I've heard great things about How to be A Woman which is apparently hilaaarious but otherwise I agree. They just don't appeal to me. I'm gonna have to say "true story" type memoirs are the worst.. stuff liked Child Called It? I just can't do it.

Wish I could afford to buy that many books! Got myself back into swapping lately.. awesome!

Lord of the Rings! How purdy! I just have a plain boring paperback. Really want a collector's box like that one. Did find a nice one on Amazon the other day with The Hobbit as well. Want.

Celine said...

Yes, exactly. More often than not memoirs are being ghost-written (which is a terrible concept IMO) and they just contain some random life experiences, while they aren't even old enough to look back on life yet. I just tend to stay far, far away from them

Celine said...

Usually if people say a book is terribly funny, I know I shouldn't pick it up because quite inevitably I won't find it funny. I guess I just have a really weird sense of humour.

I think about 50% of my books aren't bought by me. I get books for Christmas, my birthday, graduation... Pretty much every holiday I get books from family or friends. It's fun, but it fills up your shelves at an insane pace.

Oh yes, that one that has the Hobbit in it is super pretty too! A friend of mine has a leather bound one (seriously fancy) and I hope to get one of those some time.

Thanks for watching all the way to the end, you deserve some cookies o:

Hannah said...

Of course, I was procrastinating. :3 

Celine said...

Omg, so pretty! *drools*

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