Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Review: Burnt Offerings by Laurell K Hamilton

Burnt Offerings by Laurell K. Hamilton
(Anita Blake #7)
4 out of 5 stars

Published by Penguin
This review may contain spoilers for the previous books in the series

The Anita Blake series is a guilty pleasure of mine. I just don't know why, but I enjoy reading them. I like to see main character Anita struggling with herself and her countless "I'm bigger and badder than you" enemies. I like the horror side of the series. Ms Hamilton definitely has a sick mind sometimes, but it works.

Burnt Offerings was perfect for satisfying my Anita Blake fix. I'm glad Anita is still (kind of) monogamous in this one, from what I've heard she won't really stay that way. The infamous vampire council comes to town, which brings a big bunch of amazing characters like the tortured Asher and another triumvarate.

Anita, as always, runs around waving with her gun and generally kicking ass. She's getting some very interesting powers with Richard and Jean-Claude behind her. But I see a bit of a change in this book; she's mellowing down a bit. Don't take me wrong, she still has attitude problems. But she knows when a person needs a bit of comfort, and she doesn't shy away of giving it.

There was a lot of plot going on in Burnt Offerings. Anita has to deal with the vampire council, an arsonist on a rampage, two kinds of shifters that vie for her attention, and a jealous boyfriend. I wasn't completely satisfied by the way everything wrapped up. Probably just because I wasn't expecting it to be that way.

The Anita Blake series is one that you can't recommend or discommend. You either hate it, or love it. Some people love the early books, but hate the latter. There is just one way to find out to which team you belong, and that is to try it. I personally know for sure, I'm not done yet with Anita.


Anita Blake is a vampire hunter. But when someone else sets his sights on her prey, she must save them both from the inferno.

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Cassandra Martino said...

I absolutely adore Anita Blake.. my co-workers got my started on Twilight and then this series..... that was right when New Moon came out in theaters... since then I haven't looked back when it comes to paranormal. I sort of have LKH to thank for that! :D

Celine said...

Haha, you have pretty cool co-workers then :D For me the series that really got me into paranormal is the Hollows series by Kim Harrison. A lot of people on Goodreads recommended LKH and I'm still pretty happy with her books ^^

Cassandra Martino said...

 That was at my old job, we all ended up being really good friends.. haha. And I haven't heard of that series, I'll have to check it out!!

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