Monday, 2 April 2012

Bloggiesta: Wrap Up

So, yeah. The Bloggiesta. I was planning on doing a lot of bloggish stuff during the event, but when this weekend began it totally slipped my mind that I was participating in this event and that it actually was THIS weekend. Oops.

I didn't visit other participants. Or joined in a mini-challenge. Or distracted people from doing important stuff on Twitter. I'm sorry guys, I promise to be good next time!

But let's not dwindle on the negative too long, and look at it from the bright side! Because I actually did work on my blog this weekend. I cleaned up my sidebar (it was long overdue - I think it looks much better now) and I added some neat little buttons there in the upper right corner. I also decided to add a little advertisement box. I also started a to-be-reviewed schedule, but that one isn't quite finished yet.

Overall I did a good job, even though I didn't make any of the goals I was going for. My blog looks better though, and that makes me happy (:


Pepca said...

As long as you got any work done it's great! I noticed your blog looks different - I like it!

Book Soulmates said...

Good for you :) The goal was to scratch some items off that pesky To Do list and it looks like you managed to do that!

♥Isalys / Book Soulmates

Celine said...

Aww, thanks Pepca! I'm so glad someone noticed, haha :D

Celine said...

Yeah, I did get some of those annoying little things done (: Thanks for stopping by Isalys!

Reading_by_Kindle_Fire said...

That's great you got some things done! I decided to work on my blog too and got a bunch of stuff done. This was soo helpful!

My Bloggiesta WeekendNing @ Reading by Kindle Fire

Amy @ bookgoonie said...

The same over here. Got some stuff done but done of the things I've been putting off. And now they've been shoved on some more.

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